Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 17.29.23Many production companies focus on  filmmaking or documentary making as well as corporate video production.
But there is a huge difference . In a creative production, the filmmakers are usually presenting their point of view on a particular topic. The audience is more general and there are  fewer stakeholders involved.
Corporate video making is requires a whole different set of skills The role of the production team here is to guide and assist the client. There are usually manu stakeholders involved and each stakeholder wants to have their own  input.  Therefore it is extremely important to get to know all the stakeholders in advance, to plan feedback sessions during the production process and to to manage expectations from everyone.
Having profound conversations with the stakeholders involved during the aggregation or research phase is absolute necessity. Asking the right questions, the production team can  find the real reason why the video needs to be  produced. Keep asking the right questions until the fundamentals are in place. Then you will get not just the video you want, but the video you actually need. And that is what corporate video making is al about.