Client: Swarovski

Project: 60 minute learning film (role plays and interrotron* interviews)

“Due to privacy rights we are not allowed to showcase this video.”

About this project: The Swarovski Global Talent Management team were looking for a partner to support them in communicating complex organisational developments to their employees. We spent a week’s aggregation time with managers and employees to discover the key issues. This enabled us to develop the most effective way of presenting these issues through video.

The next step was to interview 20 key influencers in the company using the interrotron system*. This system, combined with our years of interview experience, produced a video story so personal and authentic that it cut to the heart of the issues that the Global Management team wanted to communicate.

We combined these interviews with role plays which used what we learnt about the company during the aggregation time. We invited 16 brave Swarovski employees to play out key scenarios that captured the key issues facing management and employees. The employees performed so well because they felt acquainted with the topics. They had experienced or seen the scenes we were talking about in real life. Over two days, employees played more than 30 scenes. The results were amazing.