Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.38.03Everybody needs a corporate video since people want to know who you are and what you do. It gives a clear insight into your company’s core skills … BULL S***! WRONG!!!

Nobody cares, of course.

When you want to spread a message for business, communication or commercial purposes, ask yourself two hard questions: Why will anyone care? (No really, why?) and What is the best way to tell the story?

Nearly every time when I hold an intake conversation for a production, I ask the question “Why do you want to make this video?” The answer is usually very long and incoherent. Sometimes I may get a presentation with 50 slides. But I repeat my question again and again… up to five times. Most clients get extremely annoyed by the fifth time; they end up giving me out of annoyance a two sentence answer–short and simple. But it is in this answer about why we are making the video where the truth lies. This is not an easy exercise but the result will be significantly better, as this forms the basis of a good corporate production.

Once you know why, what is the best way to tell your story? There are no set formulas with numbers or screens—let the story dictate the design not the technology. The way to tell a story in 2015 balances storytelling with technology, but the development, schedules and needs between the two are very different. Examine the technological needs your story requires to be told well; good research and development is key to success of your final production. And the result should make clear why you are making the film. A sound story, well-told, is fundamental to people caring about your video.

Once you’ve answered these questions, we can start !